The Zappey Family Birth Story

The walls were singing as I arrived. The Zappey family were shaking their hips to rap music through contractions.

There is no one way to deal with contractions and Jackie chooses to dance through them 🙂

Salmonberry Birth Center was a glow with soft lights and calm green walls.
The air was filled with such a wonderful scent from the diffuser.
Her husband Jake and sister Tamera were there as part of the team.

Jackie was loved and supported.

Their baby set the record for biggest baby born this year at the birth center! Also the 500th baby the midwife has caught in her career and 215th born at the birth center.

Baby Stats:
10 lbs 6 oz
23 inches long
Born at 1:22 am after 10.5 hours of labor and only 3 minutes of pushing!!!

Jackie is a rockstar birther!

It is always such an honor to attend births at Salmonberry Birth Center with their amazing team.

The Birth of Brodin Zappey birth 2020 from Ashley Grimes Photography on Vimeo.



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