Welcoming and Honoring Baby Standard

Dear family and friends,

My sister found out early this year that she will be welcoming another sweet baby and is due late August/early September.

Unfortunately a couple months ago they were given devastating news that baby was diagnosed with fatal health defects. With this news and having two girls under 5 this has been the toughest time of their lives. They are also facing the challenges of this financially due to the amount their insurance is not covering. I would love to at the least get them the financial help so it is one less worry they have to deal with at this time.

If you guys feel called to donate, all of your donations will be going towards their birth, therapy support, and giving  their son the proper afterlife celebration. 

At this time they would like some privacy to process and grieve. Thank you for your understanding, love, and support. 

If you’d like to reach out, this will be the best way to contact them.