Wrapping Up 2020



2020 was a rollercoaster for many.

We all hold different emotions to describe this year.

Quarantine, during Covid-19, gave me a chance to revisit goals and visions.

2019 was a year of reflection, but I was feeling overwhelmed. I needed to withdraw to find a happy balance. 2020 has given me the opportunity to hone in on what fills my cup. What brings me joy and makes me feel like I’m making a difference in this world. 

Birth Photography does just that.

Leaving a birth, I hold your magical memories within my camera. In these moments, we created art together. I am then given the chance to enhance your portraits further with hand editing. Through all of this, I feel fulfilled. 

I now know what space to hold.

How to hold it.

The connections I make with families during a birth lasts a lifetime.

Through the birth community, I have met forever friends, and those are things I am grateful for. 


The gratitude I have is overflowing. 

To be able to follow my dreams with the support of friends and family means the world to me. 

I am grateful for the summertime call I got from Jenn. The one asking me to photograph her birth when I wasn’t in business anymore. 

I had missed birth…

It was calling me and the universe sent Jenn to me to give me the push to jump back in. 

I am thankful for Jackie letting me photograph her birth, which was my very first birth I ever photographed a few years back. She helped ignite a passion within me! Additionally, her most recent pregnancy was the last one for 2020 I documented. 

Both Jenn and Jackie’s births will hold a special place in my heart for the year of 2020.

So, even though there have been some sucky times in 2020, I am thankful for the good.

Now, bring on 2021!

I’m ready for you!

With 7 births booked for the Spring and May/June availability, I am blasting into the new year!

Cheers to normalizing birth and supporting mothers. 

Best, Ashley



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Hi, I’m Ashley and I believe your birth story matters. The day you welcome your baby into the world matters. Documenting your strength and power matters. Birth is a transforming experience that is positively worth capturing!

Hi there!

I’m currently not booking births for a short time. If you you have any questions or need a referral, please email me at ashleygrimesphotography@gmail.com
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